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Sierra Leone ranks among the top countries in Africa in “COVID-19 Fully Vaccinated Populations” rates
Ouestafnews – in collaboration with Awoko News. In December 2022, the government of Sierra Leone marked...
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Photo article 2 Fishermen men the getting ready to go fishing on the West Point Beach in Monrovia (1)
Liberia’s West Point Fishing Community weathers the COVID-19 health crisis –and survives
By Crispin J. Tulay … HOMERead More »
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Photo article 1 The Government Hospital in Grand Bassa County
In Liberia’s Grand Bassa County, lessons from Ebola Crisis help save COVID-19 lives
By: Kenneth Bracwell … HOMERead More »
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Photo story 3
Religious Resistance to COVID-19 Vaccination: The Case of Ghana’s Anloga District
“The Bible City” “Only way out is to repent” “Hell fire is for real sinners” These were some of the inscriptions...
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Photo pour story 2 mental health
In Ghana, psychiatric hospitals express concerns as COVID-19 infections rates remain high
Ghana’s COVID-19 infection rates have significantly decreased in recent times since the country recorded...
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Photo story 1
First in the world to receive the COVID-19 VAX, Ghana struggles to reach ‘herd immunity’ goals
The season of Christmas comes with lots of compliments, well-wishes, and cautionary messages among families,...
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Photo1 story 1
Ghana Still Pushing to turn the COVID-19 Hesitancy Tide
Ouestafnews (in collaboration with Daily Guide – Ghana) –Seventy-year-old Adjeley Ny3 sits on a wooden...
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Photo 2 Story 2
From COVID-19 Crisis to Opportunity: Ghana’s New Vaccine Institute Nears Completion
Oestafnews (in collaboration with Daily Guide – Ghana) – The closure of borders, social distancing,...
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Photo 1 article 3 Zainab
Sierra Leone’s race against COVID-19 Vaccine Shelf Life
Sierra Leone recorded its first positive COVID19 case in March 2020.  A year later the country received...
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Photo 1 article 2 Zainab
In Sierra Leone, false rumours feed   COVID-19 Vax Resistance in the Health Care Workers Ranks
In any major public health emergency, Healthcare Workers (HCWs) are on the frontlines, interacting directly...
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